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ALMA-J Millimeter/Submillimeter Interferometric Observation Support Program

This support program is no longer available in JFY 2012.

1. Purpose

NAOJ ALMA-J Project Office provides a support program for millimeter/submillimeter interferometric observations outside Japan (e.g. SMA, excluding ALMA). The purpose of this program is to encourage Japanese researchers to acquire observation experience in this field and prepare for the science with ALMA.

2. Scope

This program applies to interferometric observations using SMA, CARMA, PdBI, and ATCA (at wavelength shorter than 3 mm) and other observations deemed to be important for the ALMA-EA scientific activities by ALMA-J Project Director, as well as data processing activities in case of service observations.
This program targets those who belong to universities or research institutes in Japan.

3. Expenses to be Covered

ALMA-J will cover the expenses for a round-trip air ticket (economy class) and accommodations during the observation. The maximum number of co-observers is two for an observation.

4. Application Period

Applications are received any time. You can submit an application form together with the application form for Telescope Program.

5. Others

Submit an application form below together with your proposal for observation using the subject telescope.
When you announce the results of your observation supported by this program in publications such as scientific journals or international conference proceedings, include the following texts as acknowledgment.
* "Acknowledgment" is in preparation.

Application Form:(fileword/PDF filePDF)

■ Application:
Send an e-mail with the subject name of "Application for ALMA-J observation support program" to the following address.
almaj-support@No!!SpaM!! (please delete No!!SpaM!!)
NAOJ ALMA-J Project Office

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