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Can we visit the ALMA site in Chile?

ALMA's Operations Support Facility will open its doors to the public for the first time on 29 March 2015, offering members of the public a rare opportunity to experience what everyday life is like for those working on one of the most advanced pieces of scientific equipment in the world.

More information and booking information can be found on the following page.
Open New Window Public Visits to ALMA / Visitas Públicas a ALMA

Can I listen to lectures on ALMA?

We hold mini-lectures at annual open campus event in Mitaka and Nobeyama, and public lectures in various regions in Japan.

Where should I contact if I have a question on ALMA?

Please contact us by sending an e-mail at alma-info@No#SpAm$ (remove No#SpAm$) or by using a form at Contact us on our website.

Who uses ALMA?

Observation time of ALMA is allocated among participating countries: 10% will be allocated to the host country, Chile, and 90% to the partners according to the ratio of their contribution for the project. Observation proposals for ALMA will be openly invited from researchers all over the world and selected by the joint ALMA selection committee.

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